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Paying for your child support obligation can be tough if you are a non-custodial parent. However, if you hire a child support lawyer, it can be helpful. For divorce cases that had a bitter end, many parents refuse to pay their child’s support obligations. A competent lawyer can help in seeking support wade using administrative processes which are often inefficient and cumbersome. Consulting someone having both experience and contacts makes the process easier.

Child support enforcement programs of each state offer an exhaustive range of child support services. This includes reaching the non-custodial parent and collecting support payments. Despite being effective programs, shortage of funds is the reason most states always face budget issues. To overcome such issues, it would be beneficial to hire a lawyer. Consulting your local family lawyer having experience in child support enforcement ensures that an experienced professional is tackling your legal issues effectively.

Experienced lawyers have personal contacts which prove to be a highly valuable asset in such scenarios. They are most familiar with people at the office and have the flexibility to communicate with them at a personal level. This eventually ensures you get faster and better results.
Each order from child support is passed by a family court as per the guidelines framed by the state governments. The guidelines form the basis of establishing a payment according to the income of the non-custodial parent as well as the number of children. Apart from these, custodial parent’s income and needs of their children are also considered while passing the judgment.

The court may deviate from these guidelines under special cases for significant reasons. This is only possible when there is enough justification that requires such deviations. One possible reason could be including an increase or reduction in income of either parent. You have multiple options when it comes to getting help for collection as per a child support order. Hiring a competent lawyer is one of the most popular options.

Some people who are fighting to get paid for the past child support are not always equipped to pay expensive fees charged by child support lawyers. To facilitate such cases, some lawyers work on a contingency fee basis i.e. they keep 1/3 of the total amount collected as child support. This structure isn’t a standard and may vary from one state to the other. As the support money is not intended to pay attorney fees but only support for the child, there are restrictions on how you could use it.
Avoiding to pay child support to a child living in another state for the past dues amounting to more than $5000 or remains unpaid for a year is a federal crime. Failing to do so may attract huge fines or prison sentences for 2 years. Sadly, federal prosecutors are often reluctant to use these resources for such cases and prefer to take down large-scale criminal operations instead. An experienced lawyer by your side can ensure the correct prosecution process is executed.

Hiring a support lawyer is like the process of hiring any other type of attorney. Checking references or getting referrals are the two most important parts of the overall process. The search for a good child support lawyer is usually difficult and is tougher to find a lawyer on a contingency basis. Some lawyers need a retainer for their services which is often unaffordable for people looking for child support.

In cases where the situation doesn’t permit a person to get an efficient lawyer, reaching a legal aid office is a preferred alternative. Legal aid societies facilitate people to connect with lawyers who are seeking to fulfill their state-mandated Pro Bono requirements. People who qualify based on their inability to afford lawyers get the option to seek representation from highly qualified specialized attorneys for free.

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